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What’s Old?

Whenever I update the What’s New? page, I delete entries that are no longer new (i.e., more than a year old) and move them to this archive. That keeps the What’s New? page to a reasonable size, while maintaining a complete history of this Web site for anyone who might be interested. I can’t imagine why anyone would actually be interested in such a thing, but here it is.

Since this archive goes back to 1999, some links and other things mentioned in old entries may have changed, moved, or disappeared. I’ve removed outdated links and annotated some entries to indicate where things have moved, but I’ve otherwise left the original text unchanged. I add the annotations when I archive the entries, so in time the annotations may themselves become outdated.

Newer Entries

26 December 2001

Happy end-of-year holidays! I recently rediscovered the black and white pictures I took in Yellowstone National Park (alongside the color slides on the main Grand Teton and Yellowstone page). Nine of those pictures are on the new Yellowstone in Black and White page. I also have accompanying notes on black and white photography.

16 December 2001

Happy Saturnalia! I reorganized the Scenery page to accommodate two new pictures taken on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula: Malaga Cove Panorama and Point Vincente Park. Also, a new scan of Lunada Bay. [These pictures all moved to a new Travel Photo Essay on Palos Verdes Estates. And the picture I thought was of Point Vicente is actually Rocky Point.]

11 November 2001

Made various minor corrections and updates to about a dozen pages of photo essays. Mostly of interest to those concerned with jots and tittles.

28 October 2001

I’m using the extra hour at the end of daylight saving time to add two new pictures to the Fine Art page: Route 33 Mountains and Ojai Post Office Tower.

18 October 2001

Aloha! Four new pictures on the Molokai page: Papohaku Beach Sunset, Ruined Church at Halawa, Kalaupapa Pier, and Kalaupapa Shore.

4 October 2001

Two new pictures on the Maui page: Corrugated House and Making Surfboards. Made some minor revisions to the Commentary pages. [I deleted “Making Surfboards” (which wasn’t actually about surfboards) when I completely redid the Maui Travel Photo Essay in 2006.]

5 August 2001

Updated the Privacy page to make it more accurate and informative. My privacy policy hasn’t changed, but you might find it interesting to know about the information all Web sites collect automatically. I also added a new table of contents to each of the Commentary pages to make them a bit more usable for people who find them through search engines.

26 July 2001

Added a new “mini-trip” page on Hearst Castle. Also made some additions to the Commentary pages and updated the Oahu (Hawaii) page to reflect a recent price increase for the Honolulu bus system.

20 July 2001

Added a new “mini-trip” page on a nice day in Old Quebec.

12 July 2001

Added a new “Mini-Trips” section to the Photo Travel Essays page. A “mini-trip” is a short page about a specific location, with maybe six or seven pictures. It gives me a way to write about a place of which I have a few interesting pictures but, perhaps due to lack of time or uncooperative weather, not as many pictures as I usually include in a regular photo essay. The first two “mini-trips” are in Southern California: the Santa Barbara courthouse and the La Purisima Mission. I visited these places in May, when the seasonal fog and overcast along the Southern California coast precluded the “Central Coast of California” photo essay I had planned (the mission is far enough inland to escape the fog, and I was just plain lucky the afternoon I was in Santa Barbara). But I still had an enjoyable trip and brought home some interesting pictures. [The “Mini-Trips” section is no more. But the Travel Photo Essays on the Santa Barbara Courthouse and La Purisima Mission are now on a California page within “Places.”]

6 July 2001

Added a text site map and an index of pictures listed alphabetically by title.

27 June 2001

Added new picture, Nojoqui Falls, to the Fine Art page. Made some minor updates to the Links page. [“Nojoqui Falls” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara, California.]

22 June 2001

Added a brand new Travel Photo Essay page on Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta. Some of the pictures used to be on the Scenery page, but I made new scans of these to go with the twelve new images. Consequently, the Scenery page is now back to one page, with links to some particularly scenic Travel Photo Essay pages.

I made some fairly extensive updates to the Commentary pages, including a whole new page of what I learned in Alberta about freaky weather, traveling alone, and photofinishing. I also added a section about my travel kit. I made a separate page for AOL users explaining how to improve the quality of displayed graphics. This used to be part of the Commentary pages, but I have expanded it and linked it both to the Commentary and Adjusting Your Monitor pages.

7 May 2001

Added three new pictures: “Cedar Breaks”, in Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah (on the Bryce Canyon page); “Avignon Zigzags” (on the Avignon, Provence page); and “Cannes Umbrellas” (on the Nice and Cannes page). I also made some new, improved scans of three existing pictures: “Jug Handle Arch” (on the Arches National Park, Utah page); “Wuptaki” (on the Indian Country page); and “In the Forest” (on the Scenery page).

2 April 2001

Added a new picture, “Athabasca Falls”, to the Scenery page. I also have improved versions of “Autumn in the Canyon” and “Blue Tetons”. [“Athabasca Falls” is now on the Canadian Rockies page. “Blue Tetons” is now on the Grand Teton page.]

25 March 2001

Ted Marcus’ Virtual Light Table now has its own hosted domain at tedsimages.com. The new server promises better speed and reliability, as well as a more reliable contact form (The Virtual Mailbox). All the pages on the old site, and the old pointers to it (www.lightbox.cx and tmvlt.cjb.net) now have automatic redirection that sends the browser to the appropriate new page. [tmvlt.cjb.net still works. lightbox.cx does not. “.cx” is the top-level domain for Christmas Island, a tiny Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. In 2000, when Network Solutions still had a monopoly on the .com/.net/.org domains, Christmas Island’s contract registrar briefly offered .cx domain registrations at an irresistible price. Deregulation of American registrars, combined with political changes on Christmas Island and the bankruptcy of the registrar, soon put an end to that.]

11 March 2001

Divided the Scenery page into two pages for easier loading. Added two new pictures to these pages: Lassen Peak and Emerald Lake, both taken in Lassen Volcanic National Park last September. Also have a new, improved version of Arcade. [The Scenery section is back to one page, since I subsequently found better homes for many of the pictures that were originally there.]

23 February 2001

Converted the entire site to use Cascading Style Sheets. This technical change means pages will have a more consistent look. Unfortunately, what it also means is that if you’re using an old browser (e.g., Netscape 3 and older, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2 and older, Opera 3.0 and older) the fonts, colors, and format will not display correctly. If you’re using one of these browsers, please accept my apologies, with the caveat that a great many Web sites are even more incompatible with these old browsers (I recommend updating with Opera, since it’s faster, smaller, and works better than Internet Explorer or Netscape on older or slower systems). Also made numerous minor editorial and “clean-up” changes to a number of pages, and added some new links to the Links page.

4 February 2001

Made the “menu” pages consistent by adding “larger version of picture” links throughout. So on the Photo Travel Essays (or “Places”) and Hawaii pages you can now view larger versions of the sample pictures. Also cleaned up the layout of the Provence menu page so it’s less crowded.

12 January 2001

To celebrate the Millennium (the real one) I have added purple navigation buttons to the pages containing the “large” pictures. Unless you have disabled JavaScript, you can now use a button on the page to go back to the previous page. I also updated the Links page.

1 October 2000

For the incorrigibly curious, I’ve added some brief biographical information (and a picture of myself) to the Commentary pages.

26 August 2000

I finished and uploaded the photo essay pages on Provence, France, with 68 new pictures. I also made some improvements to navigation buttons throughout the site.

13 August 2000

I made some updates to the Links page as well as the Commentary pages. While I was at it, I gave these purely-text pages a new background color that, I hope, should be easier on the eyes. I have finished scanning 68 new pictures for the upcoming pages on Provence, France, and that new Travel Essay section is coming along nicely.

22 July 2000

The home page has a new look. I also updated the Virtual Mailbox page and the E-mail and Privacy page to reflect my new domain name, and fixed the bad link on the main Hawaii page. Meanwhile, I’m busily working on preparing pictures for the upcoming Travel pages on Provence, France. Stay tuned!

23 June 2000

I updated the links page to correct an erroneous link and update some obsolete ones. While I was at it, I made some fairly extensive revisions to the Commentary pages. No new pictures, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, the revisions should be the equivalent of a few images.

6 May 2000

My assimilated Internet provider must have received a lot of complaints about the abrupt, unannounced termination of support for forms, since they just as stealthily made forms available again. So my Virtual Mailbox screen now includes a handy form, in addition to several other ways to contact me.

23 April 2000

Added three new pictures to the first Fine Art page: Tower and Leaves, Pillars and Arches, and Colonnade. Also reorganized the page somewhat. Updated the Ted’s Commentaries pages to correct an error in a link and to reflect my latest choice of a “standard” film. [“Pillars and Arches” and “Colonnade” moved to the Travel Photo Essay page on Palos Verdes Estates, California.]

Finally, exactly three days after my last update (31 March), and a week and a half after switching to a new Internet provider and Web host, my new Internet provider was assimilated Borg-fashion by a new company. As one of the “service improvements” that went along with the buyout, the wonderful new company abruptly (and without informing anyone) discontinued support for forms. So I had to go back to “mailto” links on the Virtual Mailbox screen. In these hectic days when mergers and instantaneous change are what everyone values most highly, the best recourse for dealing with the inevitable frustration is to take several deep breaths, and then repeat the sacred mantra “Change Is Good!” until Nirvana is attained.

31 March 2000

Moved the site to a new server, which supports forms. So I have created a Virtual Mailbox screen for sending messages, to replace the old “mailto” links. Also made minor updates to the E-mail and Privacy page.

27 March 2000

Added new picture, Mediterranean Afternoon, to the “Spring” section of the Scenery page. Minor update to the What’s a Virtual Light Table page. [“Mediterranean Afternoon” moved to the Travel Photo Essay page on Palos Verdes Estates, California.]

4 March 2000

Added new picture, Golden Gate, to the “Spring” section of the Scenery page. [This was the only usable picture from a brief trip I made to San Francisco in 1997. A longer trip in 2008 gave me enough pictures for five Travel Photo Essays. This picture moved to the Iconic San Francisco page.]

6 February 2000

Added two new pictures to the “Flowers, Gardens, and Trees” section of the Fine Art pages.

16 January 2000

Happy Y2K! Having ascertained that this Web site is fully Y2K compliant, I’ve revised the Grand Teton and Yellowstone page and added two new pictures to it.

28 December 1999

Updated most of the travel photo essay Places pages to make them display more consistently on different browsers and platforms. Also added the E-Mail and Privacy page to describe my privacy policy and give hints about Web and e-mail privacy in general.

5 December 1999

Changed the “Graphic” page to Fine Art, which better reflects the content, and rewrote the introductory words for this page to explain what I mean by “Fine Art.” Shifted some pictures off the Scenery page that better belong under “Fine Art”. Revised the What’s A Virtual Light Table? page.

4 December 1999

Added new Utah Parklands section to the Places page. 34 new pictures cover Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks.

24 October 1999

Added a new picture to the Graphic page, the Château Frontenac in the Old City of Québec, Canada. One of these days I’ll get to go back to that charming and picturesque city when there’s good weather so that I can get enough pictures for a full Places page. [The picture moved to a not-quite-full Travel Photo Essay, A Nice Day in Old Quebec.]

17 October 1999

Added six new pictures to the Graphic page, changed the “Trains” section to “Transportation” (to reflect four new pictures that aren’t trains), and split the page into two pages. [The trains moved to the Travel Photo Essay page on Griffith Park in Los Angeles, where I took the pictures. The “Transportation” section is now called Ships and Boats, since that’s what remained after the trains departed. The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages.]

2 October 1999

Added three new pictures to the “Buildings and Architecture” section of the Graphic page (they’re the new third row). [The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages.]

26 September 1999

In honor of the autumn equinox I have added a new autumnal picture, Mountain Aspens, to the Scenery page. Also on the Scenery page, I have an improved version of Moraine Lake (some people thought the original version looked too purple). [The picture of Moraine Lake is now on the Canadian Rockies page.]

5 September 1999

Added a Links page (without which no Web site would be complete, after all). Also changed the main page to move the Updates link (this page) to the top.

29 August 1999

Added three new pictures to the Scenery page (they’re the last of three rows under “Serenity”). All three were taken in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, as were two others on that page. Because of the unseasonable weather I had during the two trips I’ve made to that area, I don’t have enough pictures of that beautiful region to assemble a coherent Places page devoted to it; I have to make do with the shots I was able to grab during the few minutes of favorable light between spells of overcast, rain, and snow. Perhaps someday I can figure out which deity of the Great White North needs to be propitiated so that I finally be rid of the Canadian Bad Weather Karma I’ve somehow accumulated (I had similar bad luck in Quebec). [I eventually did find enough pictures of Alberta to create a Travel Photo Essay on the Canadian Rockies, to which I moved these pictures.]

24 July 1999

I added a new Catalina Island page to the Places page. I also reorganized the Graphic page and added four new pictures. If that’s not enough, I’ve modified various other pages to eliminate the yellow dots and dashes that appeared between images on certain browsers (thanks to Vince Gillis for elucidating the HTML quirk that was causing the problem). [The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages.]

9 July 1999

The home page and the picture pages now have snazzy new titles! I’ve also made the contrast wedge on the Adjust Your Monitor page a bit bigger.

27 June 1999

Added three new pictures to the Graphic page. [The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages.]

21 June 1999

Happy Solstice! I updated the Adjust Your Monitor page to make it clear (in red type, no less) that it’s meant as a starting point for adjusting your monitor for comfortable viewing rather than an absolute directive. I have also completed an ongoing “stealth” overhaul of the image files to make them sharper and more vibrant for viewing, and rewritten some of the Commentary pages (which are still incomplete).

12 June 1999

Aloha! I have finally finished and uploaded the Hawaii pages. 64 new pictures cover five islands.

6 June 1999

Added a page with a contrast wedge to help set your monitor for best photo viewing. Also updated four images on the Scenery page for better quality. The Hawaii pages are nearly done.

17 May 1999

A “stealth” update. No new images, but I have uploaded new versions of a number of existing images that should be of better quality. In particular, the updates include all the images on menu pages, as well as the entire Graphic page. [The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages.]

8 May 1999

Added new Stone Walls image to Graphic page. Updated several images on the Scenery and Graphic pages with versions that are sharper and have better color. Still working on the Hawaii pages. [The “Graphic” page is now three “Fine Art” pages. “Stone Walls” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on the Empire Mine (where I took the picture) in Grass Valley, California.]

19 April 1999

In response to several comments, I have modified the home page and the “Places” page so that clicking on any picture or text goes to the appropriate sub-pages. I hope that makes things clearer.

18 April 1999

The first upload to the Web, thereby establishing me as a major presence in global e-commerce! Or so says my ISP’s brochure. There are 97 images, but the “Commentary” pages are in an early stage of incompleteness (and what there is probably needs some trimming). I’m working on adding Hawaii (five islands) to the “Places” pages. [This “first upload” included four Travel Photo Essays: Grand Teton (which also had a few pictures of Yellowstone), California Deserts (which after later additions and rewriting became Joshua Tree and Death Valley), Mono Lake and Bodie, and Indian Country.]