Ever Urban and Friends (2007)

The container freighter Ever Urban exchanges pleasantries with two local friends while the Seaside Terminal’s cranes unload its Chinese cargo at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro. The Urban’s two friends are the fishing boat Reward and the Los Angeles City Fire Department fire boat Bethel F. Gifford.

The Ever Urban is one of thirteen giant “U-class” container ships belonging to Evergreen Marine Corporation, a Taiwanese shipping conglomerate. These ships all have names beginning with “Ever U.” Some are quite sensible and appropriate names for commercial ships: Ever Useful, Ever Ulysses, Ever Utile, Ever Universe, and Ever Ultimate. Two names seem to have been scavenged from an unabridged dictionary: Ever Uberty (a Latinate word that sounds like a typo for a teenager’s nightmare but actually means “abundance” or “fruitfulness”) and Ever Unific (“making one or unity; unifying”). But the names of three ships can only suggest that some desperate Taiwanese executive just ran out of ideas: Ever Ursula, Ever Unicorn, and Ever Uranus.

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