Kauleonanahoa (1998)

The “fertility rock” at Palaau State Park on Molokai, Hawaii. A sign posted by Hawaii State Parks offers a description, along with one version of the associated myth:

KAULEONANAHOA Many years ago the man Nanahoa and his wife Kawahuna lived on this green hill of Puu Lua. One day a beautiful young girl appeared and began to admire herself in a pool of water. Nanahoa watched admiringly and the girl returned a smile to his reflection in the pool. Growing jealous the wife grabbed the young girl by the hair. Nanahoa hit his wife in quick tempered anger and sent her tumbling down a nearby cliff where she turned to stone.

Nanahoa also turned to stone but his power remains in this male rock.

It is said if a woman goes to Kauleonanahoa with offerings and spends the night she will return home pregnant. Phallic or fertility rocks are found on all these islands; but this is the finest example. The rock’s present form is a natural configuration which has been carved to some extent.

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