Diagnosis (2014)

A work of installation art at the entrance to “the Labyrinth,” at The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. Open books, and an antique manual typewriter spewing a roll of paper, are suspended from the ceiling on wires.

A collaborative work by David Lovejoy and Jena Priebe, Diagnosis originally occupied a larger space in nearby “Gallery Row.” That version was more clearly a fanciful representation of a writer’s office or study. The typewriter sat on a desk with a telephone, and a trashcan overflowed with crumpled pages. Also on the desk was a stand holding two CT scans of human brains. One of the brains was noticeably shrunken, the scan presumably diagnosing either overwork or frustration.

The reduced version on permanent display at The Last Bookstore kept the name and the skewed bookcase, and added the suspended books and typewriter.

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