Red Rock Crossing (2005)

The iconic view of Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing is the most photographed scene in Sedona, Arizona. Of course I had to have a go at it. This beautiful section of Oak Creek is also one of Sedona’s vortexes, places that New Agers believe tap the Earth’s mystical energies.

Finding “Red Rock Crossing” can be a bit confusing. There’s an Arizona state park not far from it called “Red Rock State Park,” but you won’t find this scene there. It’s actually in the “Crescent Moon Ranch Recreation Area,” run by the Forest Service (but be aware that the “Red Rock Pass” required for parking in the rest of Coconino National Forest isn’t valid there; you have to pay a separate admission fee). It’s a very popular place for family picnics and swimming. The creek was full of splashing kids and dogs when I got there, late on a Monday afternoon in June. I had to wait over an hour for them to clear out. But if you’ve got to spend an hour waiting, I can think of few better places than this.

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